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Lily By Circe

Soothe Facial Serum Oil - Sensitive

Soothe Facial Serum Oil - Sensitive

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Rose Geranium Skincare

* Reiki infused * natural * consciously sourced * cruelty free * vegan * no fillers * small-batch handmade in USA * zero plastic * silicone-free * alcohol-free * paraffin-free * ph balancing *


Assists in creating a soothed and cohesive body, mind, spirit expereince. Formulated especially with anti-inflammatory properties to soothe redness. 


Suitable and recommended for all skin types, day and/or night use. Created with sensitive skin and/or sensitive times with unpredictable climates and emotions in mind. Our lightest weight oil, silky texture, deep floral, mystical scent, incredibly soothing for the physical and subtle bodies.


Soothe your body and mind with this bend of ancient healing essential oils: calming German Chamomile, soothing and sensual Jazmine, harmonizing Frankincense; supported by our signature blend of carrier oils for skin hydration, protection, and overall health, along with a homeopathic dose of DMSO, enhancing absorption and healing. 


How to:

Shake closed bottle well. Dab even amounts onto each key area of the face (forehead, cheeks, chin, nose) and neck. Using your palms and fingers, sweep the oil over your entire face and down the neck, spreading evenly. Identify and spend more time on areas calling for it, using smaller motions, adjusting the pressure applied accordingly. Soothe your nervous system.   


For enhanced beauty and healing, use Gua Sha tool for facial massage as directed. Leave oil on during the day, as a night mask, or rinse for oil cleansing, using a few splashes of cold to lukewarm water, pat dry with a clean towel.


(Recommended for those with Rosacea)



German Chamomile essential oil - calming, soothing, relief

Jasmine - soothing, sensual, uplifting 

Frankincense - harmonizing

Almond oil - softening, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin K, retinol

Rosehip seed oil - exfoliate, brighten, antioxidant 

Argan oil - moisturize, regulate 

Jojoba oil - revitalize 

Vegetable Glycerin - smoothing, protection, plumping

DMSO - enhanced healing, anti inflammatory, absorption

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