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Lily By Circe

Eye Serum

Eye Serum

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Rose Geranium Skincare

* Reiki infused * natural * consciously sourced * cruelty free * vegan * no fillers * small-batch handmade in USA * zero plastic * silicone-free * alcohol-free * paraffin-free * ph balancing *

Combined ingredients actively de-puff, reduce dark circles, reduce signs of aging, and act as a preventative measure for the onset of fine lines & aging.


All skin types; maintenance and healing.


Intentional use of castor oil to shrink blood vessels, reducing the appearance of dark circles & under-eye bags, while fatty acids support skin health & elasticity, slowing skins aging process, and supporting healthy eyelashes. Vegetable glycerin reduces the appearance of fine-lines, by plumping the skin with moisture, also enhancing the protective barrier. All supported by our signature carrier oil combination, subtle essential oils (safe for eye area), and DMSO, adding to your most nourishing and peaceful skincare routine.


Apply to a clean face. With the lid securely closed, shake bottle well. Open the lid, then covering the bottle opening with the tip of your finger, turn the bottle upside down so the serum makes contact with your finger. Dab the serum from your finger tip under the eye. Repeat on each eye 2-3 times. Once applied, spread the serum by gently tracing the shape of your under eye and eyelid with the tips of your fingers, being mindful not to pull at the skin.


Best for eye-specific application alongside COMFORT/CLARITY/SOOTHE facial serum oils.



Rose geranium essential oil - comforting, sebum balance, tightening

Neroli - calming, collagen synthesis, scar reduction

Castor seed oil - fatty acids, reduce under-eye bags

Almond oil - softening, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin K, retinol

Rosehip seed oil - exfoliate, brighten, antioxidant

Argan oil - moisturize, regulate

Jojoba oil - revitalize

Vegetable Glycerin - smoothing, protection, plumping

DMSO - healing, anti inflammatory, absorption

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