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Circe's Work

Flowers in Resin Pools, Hanging From Steel Chains.
Holy Basil Structure. Organic plant matter in resin.
Natural Rose in Resin.

Funeral procession of black Calla Lilies. Organic plant matter in resin.

Travis Egedy

Travis Pictureplane with piece 'Prismatic Goth (Black and White)' from his latest painting collection, a dialogue with the consumerism of our modern culture. Through observing and photographing largely torn wheat-paste posters all over the world advertising fashion and products, combined and layered with various other imagery, Travis created this collection of mixed-media paintings.

'Madonna Live in Buenos Aires' 3x4ft. Mixed Medium, digital and paint stretched on canvas.

Madonna live in Buenos Aires 3x4ft virtually staged. Mixed medium paint and digital printing stretched on canvas.'Call me' by Travis Egedy. 4x4ft, mixed media collage stretched on canvas.Call me virtually staged.

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